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Thinking CKJ
Thinking Chinese, Korean, and Japanese (Media reviews + Uploads)
Best Albums of '07 (#3): capsule - Sugarless GiRL 
23rd-Feb-2008 06:51 pm
BBUK - Tom
omg, this is the album that totally made me a capsule fan...and a fan of anything Nakata Yasutaka produces!

In the past, capsule was known more for their bossanova and lounge style, but they have slowly shifted towards more of an electronic sound, or a fusion of styles. This album, however, is a very drastic change and is completely electro-dance in style. Starry Sky is my favorite track on the album, with an almost Daft Punk sounding intro, pulsing beats and soaring melodic chorus. Sugarless GiRL is very Perfume-esque in style, akin to Computer City, and another of my favorite tracks. MUZiC is a really fun but simplistic track. It features very few vocals and it's a bit repetitive, but it's really addicting! Secret Paradise is the perfect way to close out the album; with mellow verses, a soraing chorus and more subdued beat throughout, it is a great combination of dance and melody.

  1. Welcome to my world
  2. Starry Sky
  3. REALiTy
  4. Sugarless GiRL
  5. Catch my breath
  6. Spider
  7. MUZiC
  8. Melting point
  9. Sound of Silence
  10. Secret Paradise
Title: Sugarless GiRL
Artist: capsule
Description: electro, dance, club
Download: {DivShare}
49.67 MBs, 192 kbps mp3

Be sure to comment if you download! ♥
24th-Feb-2008 06:34 am (UTC)
It's funny you should post this today because just a couple of hours ago I was looking for something else on the old computer and I found a zip file of Sugarless Girl that I never opened, and I copied that and listened to it and it was amazing, now I wonder why I didn't listen to it sooner. Yasutaka Nakata is a genius. I love his remix of Koi Shiyou, and speaking of, I'm still absorbing Destiny Line but it's got some really nice songs on it so far, although some of it is a little too BoA. :p Thanks for posting all these, I'll download the Perfume CD next.
21st-Apr-2011 01:19 am (UTC)
thank you!
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